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Ancestors & Relations of Brian Dickinson
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Ancestors & Relations of Brian Dickinson

4 Oct 2016: I am finally getting around to changing things on this website. Initially this will be relatively small things, but I am going to try and produce some more accurate sets of pages of the various trees which are found here on this site. I am using a different programme to generate the pages, and do not know yet how well they will turn out etc. But we shall see. I have been blessed to make some excellent progress on various lines over the last 5 years or so, and have been able to meet relatives and obtain copies of photo's of relatives I did not previously know of etc. Hopefully it will not take too long to determine how well these updates will take, but I will try to leave some updates on here.

9 Dec 2012: Good news! I have finally fixed the broken links in this site, particularly on the list of Pedigrees page, so you can actually view the various pedigrees which were not previously accessible. Also, I have fixed the broken links to the Cemetery page, so that you can actually read all of the entries for all of the different surnames I have extracted from the York Cemetery records over the years. I am in process of transferring my information to the new 'Family Tree' which is available at which is a free to use cloud based database of all information which has been submitted over the years to the family history department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Information can be added, corrected, updated etc by anyone who has information which they consider to be correct. There is the ability to add links to online sources for others to see the evidence which supports your conclusions about family structures etc, and you can enter into discussions with other interested researchers and keep track of changes made to a particular relative etc. I am in process of adding my sources to this family tree and my ancestors in it, which will take some time.

I do intend still to update this site, as I have made big inroads into various parts of the tree, especially due to the help of many other researchers out there who have been working on lines where I had become stuck. Apologies for the delays, but please get in touch if you have anything to add etc.

Enjoy Researching, and do not give up! :)

8 Aug 2010: Yet again, I have not done mnuch at all to update this site, but things are hopefully going to improve. I have been receiving lots of new information, corrections, additions etc from many people, and thank you for all this information. HOPEFULLY I will get around to changing the information on here soon, as I have said before in previous years. Great leaps forward have been made on the Johnson line. Other lines which have gone past previously shut doors are the Parrish line (part of the frederick Smith lineage), the Durham Line, in that I have discovered the maiden name of my earliest Durham Ancestor, Edward Durham. His wife seems to have come from a well to do family, which given his apparent education, would suggest he too came from a similar opporunity, yet I cannot find anything which tells me his parentage!

Thank you all for sending me quite uptodate information on living people, who obivously will not be included on this site, but it is nice to find so many living relatives over the last few years.
Do NOT give up looking, the loose ends will connect eventually!

11 Jan 2009: Well I did not do much updating of my sight last year did I?! Still, during 2008 I was able to figure out the ancestry of my 2 remaining great grandparents, Charles Dickinson and Clarice Johnson. Their pedigrees can be found under the List of Pedigrees. I have not as yet included it in my main file, but I might do soon.

12 Jan 2008: It is about time that I update this site, so over the coming weeks I will endeavour to update the main file, and also the smaller pedigrees which can be found in the pedigree list. My apologies to anyone who has been waiting to see updated material on this site, but if you cannot wait any longer, then just email me.
Thanks, Brian.

4 Feb 2007: I have added a small pedigree about the Coupland family which has been possible because of contributions by Noel Coupland. It is part of the Toase family, linking together where Joseph Toase married Anne Coupland who was born 1838 in Great Ouseburn.
I have not added this pedigree to my main file, but I shall add a link from the main file to the new pedigree.

27 Dec 2006: I have recently (23 Dec 2006) updated my main ancestry file, and today (27 Dec 2006) I have updated the Micklethwait pedigree, which has been possible due to corrections pointed out to me by John Micklethwait who helps to run

15 Nov 2006: I have recently discovered that my email software had not been configured to look for emails sent to so hence I have not been receiving your emails for about 18 months. This has now been fixed, and after wading through 8000 or so emails, I found about 50 which were genuinely wanting to know about various families etc. Many thanks for your patience. I have managed to have time to reply to some of the emails, the rest hopefully before Christmas. So please get in touch again if you have not heard from me soon and you remember that you had emailed me.
Thank you :)

7 May 2006: I have made some advances recently along the Drake and Welch lines, which I have just updated on this site. If you want to look at the updates I have done over the last 4 years, click here.

5 Feb 2005: Welcome to my home page. I have modified this slightly in the hope I can provide an easier way to navigate around my site. The main part of my ancestry has moved to here.

Some useful resources for family history can be found here on the FamilySearch Website:

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